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Mosier Data Facebook cover

Facebook Cover Photos: How to Profit Off a Picture

Imagine this. Your friend tells you about a great small business that he just worked with, and recommends them to you. You Google their name, come to a Facebook page, and it looks like this: You take one look, close your browser, forget the company ever existed, and resume eating your bowl of Cheerios. An […]

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Your Favorite Websites | Throwback Thursday Edition

Web design has made some major advancements over the years. Here’s a look at what some of the world’s most popular websites looked like in the past with Your Favorite Websites | Throwback Thursday Edition! Google The popular web-based search engine was officially launched in 1998. You can see that over time their logo has subtly changed, […]

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laptop tracking remarketing cookies

Delight Your Customers With Cookies

Are your website visitors leaving without using the ‘Contact’ page or completing a purchase? Delight your visitors and show them you care by giving them (remarketing) cookies! Okay, so its not double fudge chocolate chip but its the thought that counts and now you can be sure they will remember you.   Here’s how remarketing works […]

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Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Website Goals

If your website had eyes and ears, they would be Google Analytics. This popular, free tool automatically collects helpful data for you, taking the guesswork out of your website goals.  When your customers talk, you listen. So when your website has something to say, don’t ignore it; its the voice of your online customers! Whether the purpose of your site […]

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10 Things Customers Want From Your Website

People crave individuality; it has value. Tell your story! Customers want to know who you are and, if you have a team, who is on it and what they do. This is just one of the many things your website visitors are looking for when they come to your site. What else are they looking for?     […]

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Digital Marketing Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Are you a marketing professional, business owner or maybe you fall somewhere in between. In today’s world its possible you wear many hats, manage a slew of different projects, online marketing campaigns, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, etc. (Did you tweet yet today?  Respond to all those blog comments? Remember your 3pm meeting? And […]

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