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Your Biggest Selling Feature Could Be An Easy To View Website

In the digital age your biggest selling feature could be an easy to view website with responsive web design. But before we talk about  why it’s important, let’s first be clear about what Responsive Web Design really is. What is it? Responsive Web Design is a way of designing websites to give users the best viewing […]

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Reasons Why Mobile Responsiveness is a Must for Your Website, Especially During the Holidays

Why Mobile Responsiveness is a Must for Your Website During the Holidays: In 2014, almost 25% of holiday shoppers used a smartphone to purchase a holiday gift 25% of ALL retail sales in the United States are influenced by mobile purchasers Clean, concise pages make shopping easy for mobile consumers First impressions matter and impact the total amount of time a consumer […]

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The Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of starting your own business. Below we highlight some of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs should avoid, to help make your start-up successful right from the beginning. 1.) Not Having a Plan                   It is important to outline what you expect from your […]

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