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couple on couch watching TV branding

4 Quick Ways to Win at Digital Branding

What We Can Learn About Branding From A Popular TV Show Do you wait anxiously on Sunday evenings for the newest episode of The Walking Dead? If not, I am positive you’ve at least heard of the show. This is a result of The Walking Dead’s expert branding and impressive digital presence. They enforce their branding through multiple digital avenues […]

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fast amp mobile pages accelerated

Accelerated Mobile Pages are Here

Accelerated Mobile Pages According to an article posted on Kissmetrics, 40% of mobile site visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. But don’t worry Google has a solution. As of today, February 24th 2016, Google has fully launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMPs). If you’re curious about what AMPs or Accelerated Mobile […]

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important website information

Friday Fact: The 4 Most Important Things on Your Website

Drumroll please…..the most important information on your website is: Contact Information Hours Offers / Prices Products & Services If a customer visits your website they are there for a reason and that reason is probably to find out basic information about your business. A recent study found that your website visitors are most interested in […]

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Friday Fact: Digital Assistants Are Changing Search Results

The use of digital voice assistants is on the rise. With the more devices offering digital assistants in their software, such as Siri, Cortana, OK Google and Amazon Echo’s Alexa, the SEO field is evolving to recognize more conversational search language. We can now speak to our devices using everyday language and utilize these digital assistants for searches. People are […]

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