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This Week in Social Media: Facebook Adds Admin Roles

Businesses with Facebook Pages can now set five different roles for their administrators: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst.  This is a useful tool for Facebook managers. Facebook Adds Post Scheduling Facebook’s scheduling tool includes the ability to add dynamic links and images directly to your Facebook Page. You can prepare a post […]

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We’re looking to help a local non-profit, do you know any?

UPDATE:  The pro-bono contest has ended.  All links in this post have been removed. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been teasing everyone on Facebook with a “mystery” project that I said is going to be BIG. Well, the time has come to reveal it:  We’re going to give a website away. Well actually, […]

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Not forgotten: 5 “old school” ways to communicate with customers

With the rise in popularity of social media and a lot of consultants focusing almost exclusively on developing a social media strategy for clients, we thought it would be a good idea to go back to basics for a refresher on other ways to communicate. Don’t get us wrong, social media is important and it […]

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Google now pays you to give up your privacy when surfing?

Ok, we all know I am critic of Google’s data collection practices, but now they are starting a new program called Screenwise where they actually bribe you to give up your privacy.  I am not kidding. Under the guise of “making Google better”, they will now send you gift cards for installing a browser extension […]

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Cool ways law enforcement uses the Internet to keep us safe

If you know me, you know I am a big fan of our local Sheriff here in Polk County.  I served on his citizens advisory council for a year and saw the inner-workings of the department in a way that really solidified my respect for how it is run. I’m not on the council anymore, […]

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What is innovation?

Innovation means doing what your competition does – only better. When a lot of people think of innovation, they think of people like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, or the Wright brothers who first flew an airplane, or Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone. These are all great inventions, but when I think […]

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