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​What makes us different?  We're here to help you succeed. Whether it is website design, digital marketing, paid search, social media or any other type of website development, you are guaranteed to receive all of these benefits:

  • Free Initial Strategy Session
  • Up-Front, Transparent Pricing
  • ​Dedicated, LOCAL Support Team


​Book a ​strategy session to discuss your project.

​You'll have an in-person (or web-conference) meeting with our founder who will get to know you, your business, customers and goals. You will both work together to form a digital action plan that meets your goals and budget.

This is the first step of the process and will insure we are on the same page and poised to deliver the right web design or marketing strategy for your project.

Jim Mosier of MosierData meeting with Becky Bywater of Central Florida SCORE Chapter to discuss marketing for the 2019 Empower Women In Business Symposium


​Jim & The Team Will Propose A Solution

​Each member of our team is hand-picked for their talents in their field. We utilize those unique perspectives and backgrounds to plan every project to perfection.

Fun Fact: Unlike a lot of agencies, we don't outsource. All of our work is done in-house with a team that's been curated since 2005.

Jim Mosier Discussing a Project With The MosierData Team

​A Customized Action Plan

​What you receive will be a customized solution around achieving your goals. It's not just about a website, marketing plan or a business listing.  It's about how they all support each other that matters.

​Fresh Ideas

​One of the great things about our diverse team is that we help a lot of companies in a lot of industries. ​We can leverage this experience to deliver a set of plans that make your company an innovator.

​A Fair Price & Best Value

​Of course we want to make a little money, but we don't have to gouge our clients. If you compare, you will see we're not the least OR most expensive, but we deliver the best value for the cost.

​Solid Timeframe

​We understand that you want your site as quickly as possible.  We'll set out a realistic timeline, then do our best to beat it.

​What You Can Expect:

Alex, Jim and Angela plan a customers website and digital marketing strategy
Jim Mosier Presenting Solutions To Clients
All Hands On Deck - Lakeland Web Design By MosierData

​What are you waiting for? Let's Get Rolling!

​Click the ​button below to get on the schedule for an in-person strategy session to discuss your project. Can't make it to our office?  No problem. You can use the same calendar to book a call or online meeting. We can't wait to show your project off in our portfolio, also!

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