Business Secrets from the Real Estate Market

To most of you that know me personally , you know that I have been involved, at some level, with Real Estate investing for the past few years. While I don’t see Real Estate ever replacing what I do as my primary business interest, it has opened my eyes to spotting innovative strategies that I can use and recommend to clients that I probably would have never noticed if I hadn’t been exposed to Real Estate.

One of those is creativity in doing business. For instance, as a Real Estate investor in today’s market with a house you want to sell, you’re facing a tough market. Unless, of course you think outside the box. Owner financing with straightforward terms and no bank qualifying can sell your house in days or weeks instead of months.

The same is true for businesses that compete online. Think outside the box – or hire someone who can. The economies of doing business online – opening up your business to every person on the planet that has internet access – are hard to quantify. If you’re in a competitive industry, you may feel hesitant to compete against a perceived market leader – but sometimes all it takes is a little change in your marketing message and a better customer experience to win the customer.

Take the old story of the two merchants who set up shop across the street from each other. One had moved to his newly expanded location from an older and smaller site. When he opened his new store, he proudly hung up his sign that read “Murphy and Sons, Est. 1875.”

Seeing a good opportunity, his competitor across the street responded with a sign of his own: “Johnson and Company, No old merchandise”

Just as in real estate, a little creativity in the way you present yourself can make you more successful – online or offline.

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About the Author

Though his chief ambition is to one day control the entire Internet, Jim busies himself in the meantime running our little web development and marketing agency. He's a certified super nerd who ranks coding in old, outdated languages and watching Star Trek reruns just a bit too high on his list of fun things to do. Outside of work, Jim enjoys Hockey (Tampa Bay Lighning, to be specific), more genres of music than most people realize exist, riding his Harley (he calls it "two wheel therapy") and exploring the world through travel.