What is innovation?

Innovation means doing what your competition does – only better.

When a lot of people think of innovation, they think of people like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, or the Wright brothers who first flew an airplane, or Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone.

These are all great inventions, but when I think of innovation, I think of people like Henry Ford. Henry didn’t invent anything. What he did is simply put a system in place to improve the way it was being done.

Technology, especially in today’s business climate of the internet, plays a key role in innovation. No, let me rephrase that. Technology ENABLES innovation. True innovation still has to start with an idea or solution to a problem.

So, where does Technology come in? Only on the internet can your store look just as polished, just as stocked and just as big as your most well-capitalized competitor. In fact, you can be a one-person operation and compete against billion dollar companies – successfully I might add – by simply creating an efficient system – or way of doing business – and then contracting with a good graphic designer and web development company to furnish the technology that enables the system to run on autopilot.

As you’ve probably noticed, I like to keep this blog as information rich as possible, but I don’t think a shameless plug is too much once in a while.. So here goes: Mosier Information Services is your partner in online commerce. We have the best graphic artists and developers. Not to mention the experience in business to know that the technology is only a part of the equation. We help you integrate it into your business.

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