5 Killer Keyword Strategies for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

StrategyIf you’ve realized the importance of PPC adwords and sponsored results, then you are looking for strategies on effective keyword usage. Once you’ve established your PPC marketing budget, you know what you can afford. Here are five points to consider as you get started on choosing your keywords:

1. Be Yourself

It might seem redundant, but your own brand name is the first keyword you should be investing in. Variations of your name will be important, too–anything a customer puts in the search to specifically find you, should have your company popping up front and center. You don’t want a potential customer hearing about you, but then going with a competitor because they didn’t see you fast enough in their search results.

2. Frienemy

And, speaking of competitors, don’t forget to check out their names for keywords as well. The competition will be fierce, but using PPC to pop up your brand name when another, similar brand is searched for, allows the potential customer to see you as well. Users may not even realize your company exists, so it is important to invest in appearing when similar companies are being sought out.

3. Making it Long-Term

Longer phrases are usually cheaper. Finding the specific phrase that would be used for your company, like “Reliable dog Kennels in LA” would cost less than bidding for “dog kennels.” Though it limits the number of users to those using that search, the value for the right phrase is higher than it’s cost.

4. Cheaper When Relevant

Did you know you can lower your cost per click with a high Quality Score? Your Quality Score is based on relevance—search engines want to make sure your keyword, copy and landing page are all going to actually fill the customer’s needs. Choose keywords that are very relevant to the page you will be sending them to.

5. You Don’t Always Have to Be Number One

Bidding for the top spot is more expensive and doesn’t guarantee a higher conversion rate. Consider starting out at the top spot for a new keyword and then gradually dropping down to where your conversion volume and CPA are balanced.

By choosing important keyword strategies and sticking with your PPC marketing plan, you will see increased traffic and sales. Many businesses are finding this area of advertising very effective in today’s online market and plan to expand their budgets for 2014.

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