Complete Guide on How to Save Money on Google AdWords

With Google AdWords coming up with new features every day, novice and experienced AdWords users are faced with enormous challenges of keeping up with the changes and the rising cost of maintaining their AdWords. Here are top ways you can save big money with Google AdWords.

Use Negative Keywords
First off, negative keywords are essential when it comes to running Google AdWords campaigns. Surveys show that 90% of AdWords that fail do not utilize negative keywords. The best way to use negative keywords is at campaign levels.

Ad Scheduli

Not every business has a uniform schedule of conducting business on the internet. For instance, some businesses can process purchases or deliveries at certain times. Therefore, it is wise to run your AdWords campaigns when you are actively engaged in processing transactions. This will significantly lower the cost of running your campaigns while saving money on traffic that is unlikely to convert. For those who want to run their AdWords Campaigns 24/7, the best way of doing this is by using a reporting feature that tells you when best your ads convert traffic into sales. By switching your campaign times during certain times, you can save thousands that would otherwise go to clicks that don’t add value to your business.

Location Targeting

This is a no longer a secondary requirement for any business. Your location is critical when it comes to defining your target audience. You need to target audience that is in your location to avoid displaying your ads to people who are far away. This way, you will be able to achieve high convertibility of your ads, as your AdWords campaigns are relevant to the target location.

Match Types

If you want to stand on top of your AdWords campaigns, ensure to use a variety of keyword match types. The common match types are broad match, exact match and phrase match. Each of the match type has its own merits and downsides. To be better off, integrate lots of negative keywords to generate relevant searchers.

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