10 Interview Questions to ask PPC Consultants

BU008287The days of slapping together a few web pages and calling it a website are long gone. An Internet presence is incomplete without attaining a top ranking in the search engines. A PPC consultant must be able to answer the following questions before winning a client’s trust.

  • Describe the difference between Search Engine marketing and Internet marketing. The nuances of PPC advertising is wrapped up in the consultant’s ability to describe the ways in which both will be used.
  • Define quality score and how it affects your actions as a PPC specialist. Listen for a clear understanding without the emphasis on a book definition.
  • Describe your strategy for large keyword sets. The correct response will include tools that can be used to draw the highest number of responses from the users.
  • Is a high rank required in a paid search if the ranking is high on the organic results? Reasons for this dual ranking should be explained clearly without overwhelming the client withfile-2407358585jargon.
  • Do you have suggestions for reducing the costs associated with paid search campaigns? An immediate response should raise concern since the PPC consultant does not know your current costs or future goals.
  • How would you handle trademark infringement with a client’s competitor?Specific steps should be listed to handle the violations in a professional manner.
  • What limit has been placed on the number of characters in an AdWords Ad? Accurate answers are required to prevent issues with ad publication. Description line 1 – 25 characters. Description line 2 – 35 characters. The destination URL can be 1024 characters. No images are allowed in the URL.
  • Define Google MCC. This is a portal named “My Client Center,” which is used by agencies for multiple clients with Adword accounts.
  • In Adwords, what is CPA bidding? This term stands for Cost Per Acquisition, which is divided into MAX CPA and Target CPA.
  • Describe Adwords Remarketing. The consultant’s response should include helpful ideas for using this feature to attract previous website visitors.

The best PPC consultant for your company will respond to each of your questions with ideas that are helpful and clear. Throughout the conversation, listen for tips and tricks that experienced consultants offer to potential clients.

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