10 Common Pitfalls Your Competitor Didn’t Avoid When Building Their Website

So, you are thinking about small business website design. Your objective is to build a website that is not only going to bring in traffic but close sales and increase revenue. There are many things you need to take into consideration when building a lead generating website. Start by taking a look around to see what works and doesn’t work for others. In fact, take a look at your competitors and see where they are going wrong. Then…go right!
Here are 10 things your competitors can teach you about the common pitfalls of an unsuccessful website. By looking at these things and avoiding these “Don’t Do’s”, you can be on your way to creating a site that’s not like theirs.You will create a site that is successful and turns your visitors into customers!

Don’t Lack Content450061519

Quality Content is everything !!! You need high-quality content on your site and lots of it. Give your visitors a reason to stay with lots of good stuff. If you can’t come up with it on your own, consider outsourcing it to freelance writers.

Don’t Have A Website That Isn’t Responsive

Your site needs to be functional across a wide range of browsers and operating systems- including mobile devices. If it’s not, many people won’t see what you have to offer and your audience will be small. In return, your clientele will be small. Test, Test, and Test.

Don’t Forget The Graphics

Don’t miss the graphics. Your site needs to have great graphics. A good way to go about acquiring good graphics is to obtain services from a professional graphic designer.

Don’t Lack Pages

Don’t limit yourself. Your site needs to be more than one page. It needs to have an about page, services page, contact page and many more. The more pages mean more ways to be found.

Don’t Forget To Up-To-Date Your Site

When something changes, you need to update the change on your website. For example, if you get a new contact number, make sure to update the old one on your site. If you have dates for certain specials and events don’t forget when they are over.

Don’t Lack Your Contact Information

If you don’t provide contact information on your site, readers won’t have any way of communicating with you. You need to include email contact info, a phone number and even a postal address.

Don’t Lack Promotions

If you want people to visit your site, you have to give them a reason to. A great way to do this is to provide a wide range of promotions, including 10 percent coupons, using social media, etc.

Don’t Lack SEO

In order for your site to sit well on SERPs, you need to incorporate lots of SEO techniques into your content. If this is a little tricky you may want to consider checking out local website development companies.

Don’t Embarrass Yourself With Little Or No Editing

Nobody is going to take your company serious if you can’t even spell right. Even if you outsource content creation, you still need to have an in-house editor check all content before it’s posted. Make yourself and your business look good. It’s all about how we present ourselves.

Don’t Lack Strategic Planning

You have to have a vision, an idea behind your creation. You want a goal, an objective, and a map to get there. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then consider finding a professional to step in and create a site for you. This doesn’t mean you can’t be involved, but he or she will be able to handle all the technical stuff for you.

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