14 Common Misconceptions About Easy To Use CMS

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Shopping for a Content Management System can be confusing. There’s a lot of misinformation and there are a lot of misunderstandings floating around regarding management systems, so allow us a moment of your time to dispel some of these myths:

1. “Easy to Use” Means “Hard to Use Well”

Some would have you believe that user friendliness goes hand in hand with weak performance. Not so.

2. “The Most User-Friendly CMS is Outside of Our Budget”

CMS is a competitive market. It’s not impossible to find great, user-friendly CMS within your budget.

3. “It’s Only Easy to Use Once You’ve Been Trained”

Training can speed up the learning process, but user-friendly generally means “intuitive.”

4. “User-Friendly… Unless You Want Great Results”

The difference between noob and pro with the most user-friendly CMS: about a day’s practice.

5. “User-Friendly Means Restrictive”

There is such a thing as versatile, user-friendly CMS.

6. “Customization Features are Slim”

Custom templates are just one great feature of the best user-friendly CMS systems.

7. “User-Friendly Looks Less Professional”

The entire software field, for pros and consumers alike, is leaning more towards user-friendly these days.

8. “Too Many Compatibility Issues”

The best user-friendly CMS’s can be used in tandem with other popular applications.

9. “Simple Interface for Simple Projects”

It’s actually more effective to use the simplest interface for the most demanding projects.

10. “Easy to Use Means Easy to Hack”

In reality, easy to use means easy to keep secure.

11. “It’s Only Powerful to a Point”

There are systems that are extremely powerful and user-friendly.

12. “It’s Short on Features”

User-friendly CMS doesn’t mean fewer features, just more accessible features.

13. “You Still Need Hand-Coding”

Once your CMS is installed, you shouldn’t need to do anymore hand-coding at all.

14. “It Will Go Obsolete Almost Immediately”

Your industry is constantly changing. Some CMS software is built with this in mind.

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