Your Guide On Social Media And What To Post

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This is not just a service for individuals who want to share their personal information or to post picture of when they are eating for lunch. It really is an exceptional way to grow a brand and to reach new customers. However, understanding how to properly use social media and to know what to post is essential, otherwise it might turn perspective clients away. That is why any small business needs to take heed of our advice and to use our guide to social media.

Social Media Services

There are many different social media services out there. However, we recommend to always use Facebook and, if possible, Google+. These have some of the largest groups of people and it can help a business track down a key demographic. Twitter is also a helpful tool that can allow a business to quickly send out information to its followers. For design companies and others in a similar field, Pinterest can prove helpful, as it allows a business to share their latest material and products through pictures.

Not Sure What to Post?

  • We always recommend companies to post once a day. Posting more often than this can simply clog an individual’s news feed and they are more likely to unfollow when this happens.
  • The posts must remain short. If the post is a paragraph, people are not going to read it.
  • Asking a short question and interacting with clients is important, as it promotes clients to post their own ideas and thoughts.
  • A business needs to respond to these particular customer posts. This shows the customers their thoughts are heard and it tells them they have a direct link of communication.
  • Funny: a good speaks to the personality of the company when they can let loose once in awhile. Share a fun meme,a comic or some gif!
  • Tips, Tricks, Ideas- be helpful to your followers. They will thank you by returning and even sharing your content.

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