Why Ranking #1 On Google Doesn’t Really Matter

If you believe that ranking at the top of the Google index matters, think again about your company’s strategic plan for growth


A lot of businesses believe that if they rank higher on Google, they are successful. This is wrong because, If the traffic you’re receiving isn’t converting into sales then you might conclude that too much time is being spent in the wrong areas.

In order to attract new customers, we believe in inbound marketing strategies that emphasize informative and personalized content. If you want to attract new customers, aim to please truth seekers who eventually become faithful patrons of your business because you offer educational tools in the form of excellent content.

Depending solely on traditional advertisement techniques may mean that you fail to learn valuable information about the interests and hobbies of prospective clients. A high Google ranking number is meaningless unless you also provide visitors with meaningful information they can digest and think about when they have extra time. If your top ranking number is six months old, it really bears no relevance in the real world. Your business model needs to appeal to intelligent consumers who live, breathe, read and buy items or services.

Consider the concept that you can never completely control your ranking status on Google’s prestigious index. You may find that your business website ranks in the top 10 one day and then suddenly ranks number 100 a few days later. On the other hand, you can control the type and quality of content you produce on your business website or blog. Publish the best content if you want to attract new fans.

Pay attention to the kind of information your visitors demand. Supply consumers with food for their starving brains. Whether you publish entertaining blog posts, DIY eBooks or your own unique podcasts, visitors will feel gratified when they visit your website because you offer them more than a mere Google ranking number.

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