Why Your Small Business Should Be Blogging

Almost every small business owner knows that online marketing is essential to the success of their company.  After all, the Internet has revolutionized the way we can conduct business, with the most imperative transformation being that we can now market to a global audience.


But what about those businesses that aren’t reaping the benefits of online marketing?  What key piece to the puzzle are they missing?

For many small businesses, it’s blogging.

That’s right!  Blogging is essential.  Sure, you might have a company website and profiles set up across a wide range of social media platforms, but what you need to realize is that blogging is just as important.  In fact, let’s take a quick look at the two main benefits your small business will gain from blogging.

Improves Your Ranking On Search Engine Results Pages

When a person searches for something on the Internet, they are provided with a long list of search results.  The higher your website/blog ranks on these search engine results pages, the more likely a person is to click on your link.  When you blog, search engines will view your content as fresh, and this will push your rankings up; this is a very good thing.

Great Way to Receive Feedback

You should always be looking for ways to improve your customer service, and this is exactly what happens when you blog and allow customers to leave comments/feedback.  By viewing their feedback, you can be well on your way to better understanding their wants and needs, which means you can customize your products and services to meet their exact preferences; this will equate to a higher level of sales revenue for your small business.

The Take Away

So, there you have it.  If you aren’t blogging, you’re missing out on improved search engine rankings and enhanced customer service.  These two reasons alone should be enough for you to start your own company blog today.


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Though his chief ambition is to one day control the entire Internet, Jim busies himself in the meantime running our little web development and marketing agency. He's a certified super nerd who ranks coding in old, outdated languages and watching Star Trek reruns just a bit too high on his list of fun things to do. Outside of work, Jim enjoys Hockey (Tampa Bay Lighning, to be specific), more genres of music than most people realize exist, riding his Harley (he calls it "two wheel therapy") and exploring the world through travel.