Inbound(Content) Marketing For Your Small Business: Where To start!

Spending money on lead generation becomes expensive, frustrating, and exhausting as you do not always generate leads. If you are tired of dealing with cold calling lists, billboards, and other marketing methods that do not generate revenue, consider using inbound marketing. Since the inbound marketing world can be overwhelming, and confusing, here are some easy steps to get started.


Connect With Major Bloggers

If you want to generate interest, connect with major bloggers. These are the individuals in your industry that people are following. If you create a relationship with them, and you are known for publishing quality content, they will gladly share your content. Using their connections is a great way to help you find new clients that are interested in your products or services. Follow these blogs and comment often to show the bloggers you read what they write. Retweet other blogs that are valuable to your content. As people find you are sharing their content, they will be inclined to share your content in the future.

Attend Webinars

Another way to generate new leads is by attending webinars. Search for the top companies hosting webinars as they provide valuable information. Ask questions and get involved as it will help you learn new ways to generate leads and how to connect with your customers.



A great way to focus on generating leads is by networking with other marketers and individuals in your area. Networking events allow you to meet other people who are relevant in the inbound marketing world. Talk to other professionals and get your name out there. This is a great place to start as people will remember you from the event and will start calling. Getting people to call you is the key element to effective inbound marketing.

Social Media

If you truly want people to find your company or you, it is vital to create a social media profile for your small business. Social media helps you connect with others and gives you an online presence. Stay active on social media and stay in touch with the latest trends, hashtags, and keywords. Engage with people in your target audience and within your marketing realm to help you generate new leads.

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