10 Signs It’s Time For A New Website!

With today’s internet connected society, a good website is vital to a new business!


There’s already so much to do as a small business owner, but you keep hearing how important having a good website is from your customers and other entrepreneurs in the area. How do you know that it’s time to invest in a cost effective website design?Here are ten signs that it’s time:


  1. Are You worried you won’t get enough customers or want more customers that traditional marketing sources can’t provide?
  2. Do You need to compete for your market share against one or more other businesses, regional or not?
  3. Do You want to make sure your marketing budget provides the best possible return on investment?
  4. Is Your customer base includes people under the age of 80?
  5. Have You heard a lot about social media or content marketing and know having a good website will help build your customer base?
  6. Do You want to have your business’ information on the internet instead of worrying about customers not having the information or getting too many calls daily asking for basic information?
  7. Do You need to compete against big box stores and having an effective website will help?
  8. Can You reduce your workload and risk of loss at a physical storefront by offering purchasing options through a website instead?
  9. Was Your current website was designed by a friend or relative and just doesn’t do what’s needed?
  10. Do you Have a well designed website that lets you sell all the time instead of just during business hours?

With good website design being this vital to your business, it’s time to get an effective web presence! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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