7 Things Your Small Business Should Know About Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is one of the least effective ways to up your customer base for your small business or services. Outbound marketing essentially is a company casting a large net, without parameters customize for their customers, and hoping to pull very few towards them. There are 7 things you should know about why outbound marketing is not an effective way to draw in customers. 179121464

  • Outbound marketing is not customer centric- Outbound marketing does not use customer specific data to determine which type of outlets to use to reach their clients or to gain potential customers. This results in wasted time and funds.
  • Requires an excess of funds and man power with little return- Since outbound marketing does not consider the customer when determining techniques, it requires a wealth of funds to finance mass amounts of fliers, mailers, and door to door sellers.
  • Less likely to result in new customers- Outbound marketing is unlikely to yield many new customers as most customers will not take the time to look or listen to your campaign.
  • Over saturation- Cold calls, mailers, and excessive emails are thrown at potential customers all day. Most people are over saturated in businesses trying to sell them something. This means that your marketing campaign will likely be overlooked.
  • Lose customers- Customers that your business already has could become frustrated with the incessant bombarding of marketing techniques that they will simply ignore or withdraw from using your business to avoid receiving any other advertisements.
  • Customers have the option to ignore- Cold calls can be ignored by opting to be placed on the FTC’s do not call list. Emails can be sent to spam and never received by the customer.  
  • The way customer’s receive information has changed- This means that customers determine how the find information on their own. Customers are able to seek out information in control. Outbound marketing means that the company is in control and that does not work well with current customer behaviors.

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