Twerk Your Business Blog By Using Google Trends

Miley Cyrus transformed from our favorite teen pop princess into America’s infamous twerking sensation that had social media and Google searches on fire. Some may argue in Miley’s case that change can be good or bad, but when it comes to twerking your blog and staying up-to-date and relevant with enticing content, change is

Optimizing your blog content for search engines is an easy (and free) way to market your brand. Including relevant key terms in your content will increase your chances of showing up in searches on Google. And where do most people go to look for tips, advice, answers and services? Google.

Google Trends is a game changing tool that gives us clues about the type of content valued by consumers and which search terms attract them to websites. Here are five ways that Google Trends helps to increase organic web traffic through effective SEO and relevant content.

#1 Identify Interest For Key Words

We don’t have to guess about the popularity of a prospective key word phrase anymore. Google Trends shows a level of interest for a key word phrase relative to other search terms over a period.

#2 Evaluate Market Demand for Content

Google Trends allows us to create content that is timely, in demand and related to our small business model. Alternately, we can skip content topics of low interest to consumers.

file-1268157291#3 Target a Region

Online businesses with physical stores or ones that want to target a particular region can do so with Google Trends. It has a feature that shows where our key phrase was used the most.

#4 Market a Category

Clearer meaning for search term results is possible when we use Google Trends data filter that allows us to specify a category for the prospective key word. For example, a stationery store selling notebooks will not get results intended for computer notebooks when using the search filter by category feature.

#5 Understand Consumer Behavior Over Time

Google Trends shows the popularity of search terms over time so that we can find likes and dislikes for key word phrases for a certain period. This helps us to focus our future in-bound marketing campaigns to generate more traffic.file-1272063075 (3)

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