A Craft Beer Drinker’s Guide: Generate More Leads For Your Small Business

Sure you want to generate more leads. Can you do it while sipping your favorite micro-brew? Perha
507454993ps you can. After all, there’s a lot to be said about how craft beers have carved out a huge niche in the beer drinking market. They didn’t do it by spending tons of money sponsoring race cars or sporting events. They didn’t do it by using Clydesdale’s or purchasing Super Bowl advertising. They did it by knowing their audience and creating products their target audience would love. They crafted more than beer. They crafted marketing strategies we all can learn from.

Don’t Buy the Hog if You Just Want the Bacon

Consumers have become very adept at ignoring traditional marketing. Besides, craft beers only need a relatively small share of the market to be wildly successful. The same can probably be said for your business. Identify a market and focus on it. Don’t be greedy and dilute your message.

Consumers are Looking for You

Consumers already want what you offer. They just need to find you and identify you as an expert in your category. Provide them content that that confirms you are the trusted source of information about the product they desire.

Fish where the Fish Are

Don’t waste time and money marketing to people who someday may consider thinkingabout thinking about buying your product! Inbound marketing is the hook that reels in people who are active prospects…now.


Smart Business Owners Have Smart People Working for Them

As a small business owner you don’t need to know everything about online and inbound marketing. It is a moving target that has become more and more sophisticated. What you do need is someone to help you maneuver in the world of internet marketing. The good news is that compared to traditional advertising, online marketing is relatively inexpensive. It is also targeted and accountable.

Pop open that IPA and salute the product that is showing us the way.

Have you ever heard a customer ask a bartender “Do you have…?” Now that’s inbound marketing at its best.thumbnail (6)

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