7 Shocking Mistakes Killing Your Conversions

Most small business owners have a goal that they want visitors to accomplish on their website, whether it’s purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter. However, as we talk with small business owners, they tell us that they have trouble getting these conversions. After examining numerous websites, our team has
462323487identified seven common mistakes that stop conversions in their tracks.

The Conversion Goal Isn’t Prominent

The primary goal of the website should be so prominent that it forces visitors to do it. If the goal is to sign up for a newsletter or a free trial, the link should be on the home page, easy to find and labeled correctly.

You Don’t Tell Visitors What to Do

Sometimes, the goal is prominently displayed, but the links or buttons don’t tell visitors what to do. If you want visitors to read a white paper, tell them to “click here for a free report.” If you want them to share something with friends, write “Share Now” and include linked social media icons.

Missing Keywords

Using the right keywords not only gets visitors to the website, it keeps them there. Include synonyms for your primary keywords and make sure they are spelled correctly.

It’s Not Optimized for Mobile Users

Mobile phones account for 17 percent of Internet traffic and that doesn’t even include tablet usage. If your site is not optimized to display on these smaller screens, visitors will leave before they read what you have to offer.

There’s Not Enough Information

Many modern web designs are simplistic with bare bones content. While this looks good, some visitors need more information. Make sure to cover all of the important information needed for visitors to make an informed purchasing decision.

The Content Isn’t Relevant

Match the site’s content to user goals. Visitors in the “awareness” phase of buying want to know how you can solve a problem. Visitors in the “consideration” phase want compare your product to other company’s products.

Too Many Distractions

Avoid flashy graphics, videos or ads that cover the page. Visitors have a reason they came to your site and it wasn’t for entertainment. Many find these annoying and will leave the page quickly.

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