3 Smart Locations for Popular Call to Action Buttons

If you want to inspire your customers to contact your company, purchase a product or learn more information, you must utilize engaging call to action buttons. In addition, it’s important to place the buttons in the right locations for instant access. Placing the buttons in intuitive areas pushes your clients to take immediate action, netting you increased leads and sales just from this subtle improvement.

After Introduction

Many visitors read your introduction on the home page or browse through the about page to learn more about your company’s origin and purpose. If customers make a connection with your mission statement or history, they may feel inspired to hire you for the job. You can capitalize on that connection by placing an action button nearby that activates the quote process.

Following Pricing

If your website has a pricing page or product listings, you’ll need to include easily accessible action buttons nearby. The action buttons should add the product to the cart and urge the shopper to continue browsing or check out. Having the button situated near the prices urges impulsive shoppers to immediately take action.

On Navigation Bar

Visitors may feel inspired to share your blog articles, products or news stories with their social circle during each visit. Add some share buttons for all of the major social sites to net the rewards from that inspiration. Place the buttons on the navigation bar to make them easy to find on every page.

Experiment For Success

Don’t be afraid to try out new action button placements to find the best configurations for your customers. Action buttons should lead customers to complete activities that help your business thrive. Compare sales rates to measure the effectiveness of each layout. Consider collecting customer surveys to see how your visitors feel about current button placements.

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