Getting Your Small Business Started on Social Media

We, as business owners, must thoroughly integrate ourselves into social media platforms in order to maintain strong relations with consumers in modernity. Business owners need to create a social media presence on at least the top three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let’s take a look at how your business can quickly create or update social media profiles.

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Nearly everyone has a Facebook account today, and you can be sure that your consumers will be talking to their friends, friends of friends, relatives, and strangers about your products or services. In order to get started on Facebook, you can visit the Facebook homepage, where you will see a link at the bottom of the page stating “Create Page.”

You will be prompted to select the type of page you wish to create, e.g. nonprofit organization, specific types of businesses, general business, or promotional pages for events. You may also choose to use your personal Facebook to create a business page. However, your personal profile will be tied to the business site, and this can create problems in the workplace; therefore, it’s advisable to create a new page from the Facebook homepage.

After you’ve entered your information and photographs, you will publish the page and begin updating your status and posting information crucial to your business. You may also choose to use the advertising feature in Facebook to further promote your business; this often involves a nominal fee of less than $100, which depends upon the number of advertisements chosen to be shown to customers.


In 2011, the US Federal Government began collecting and archiving all Twitter posts in an effort to create the most accurate account of human history possible. Although this is an amazing application of Twitter, millions of users follow their favorite business on Twitter. The process for setting up a Twitter account is similar to that of Facebook, except you will not go through such a lengthy process of starting your page. If you’ve used Facebook or Twitter in the last year, you know that the hashtag (#) feature has linked both social media platforms together. This enables your customer-base to see information in both platforms when only using one platform.


LinkedIn rose out of the social media frenzy with the goal of providing an online resource connecting potential employers with applicants. However, it has changed to become a leading entity for allowing the professional world to connect with investors, employees, and consumers.

When you first set-up your LinkedIn profile, you will be prompted for the type of LinkedIn account you wish to create. Simply follow the onscreen instructions, and you will have your profile complete in less than 30-minutes. It’s important for you to include your business history, goals, business model and plan, and the customer-base you wish to reach. Furthermore, you may want to begin seeking out employees looking for work in your field. Most LinkedIn users have uploaded their resume and references to make hiring a hassle-free process.

The modern world thrives on the latest information gathered on the digital, social media platforms, and your success will be determined by your presence in such platforms. Social media possesses the potential to turn low-key businesses into prominent figures both online and in the community. As time passes, you will need to make updating your social media status a daily priority. Google+ appears to be rising in popularity, so you may consider looking into that platform at a later date.

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