How Well You Know Your Business Defines Your Traffic

Websites are nothing more than an attraction that people visit and engage with. Business owners get frustrated with their website and are always battling to get traffic. Once they get the traffic they struggle to keep and engage their audience.

Bounce rates sneak into the 80 and 90 percent mark and length of stay is down to seconds and pages viewed lucky to get above 2.

Your website is not the problem if you know your business


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The first thing you need to do is disengage from your website and engage with your business. Businesses become bogged down because of two words… “website” and “traffic”. What did your industry do before it had websites? How were customers found? How were customers retained?

Nothing has changed in how you truly engage, how you now “show and tell” is all that has changed, and show and tell has been done by everyone who ever went to school.

Just because Keywords, Google this and Google that, SEO and other jargonese is spoken there is nothing to be afraid of. The keywords and SEO techniques are merely translations of how you do business and what you do; if you know your business well enough you have nothing to fear. If you know your customer well enough you have even less to fear.

How many radio jingles can you remember from years gone by? These jingles were the SEO of their age and are what you need to get people to visit your website, engage and do business with you. Don’t get caught up in technology, get caught up on what your business does and understanding your customer and then apply that to your web content, SEO information and marketing using technology.

I am focused on my business now what?


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When it comes to law you don’t try to handle the court case alone, because if you are not a lawyer you won’t get the result you want. Because of this you call in a legal firm and tell them what you want. The same is true for your website, the success lies in how well you know your business.

To grow your web traffic and online sales the solution is the same, you call in an expert, a web development company. Just as well as you know yours, a web development company will know their business. The role of a web development company is translating your business, and because you know your business you can tell them exactly what they need to know to make it work online.

Working with an expert in his field has been the definitive element of success for countless businesses for centuries, nothing has changed. To make your website work, call in an expertand see your sales rocket and focus on what you do best!

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