5 Ways Responsive Web Design Can Benefit Your Business


Does your website have a responsive web design? If not, you’re losing money.

As we come to rely on smartphones, tablets, and mobiles to perform our browsing and shopping tasks online more and more, one thing is becoming clear for businesses: having an intuitive website that renders perfectly across all devices and platforms is extremely important.

In case you have been on the fence about investing in a responsive redesign of your company’s site, here’s a quick look at why you should…

Responsive Web Design: 5 Ways It Can Benefit Your Business

1. Improved SEO – It used to be that companies needed two versions of their site: a desktop version and a mobile version. Both had to be optimized separately, which was costly money wise and in terms of search rankings. With responsive design, you have just one URL that performs across multiple devices.

2. Increased Sales & Conversion Rates – Improved SEO means higher search engine rankings and visibility, and that usually translates to more website traffic and sales. Additionally, responsive web design does away with the functionality barriers users typically face on a mobile website, which increases conversions.

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3. Positive User Experience – Having an attractive site is nice. But when prospects visit from their mobile device and parts of it aren’t working, or it displays stretched images and misplaced content, they have a negative user experience. With responsive design, your website always looks great. You keep your credibility.

4. Competitiveness – To stay relevant in your industry, you have to keep up with the competition. With over a third of visits to online stores now coming from mobile devices and US mobile e-commerce on track to hitting $50 billion in sales, you can bet that your competitors have invested in responsive web design.

5. Easy Site Management – With multiple website versions, a simple web page update requires duplicating your efforts. If you are managing this yourself, you are losing time (aka money). If you’re paying someone else, this is costing you more. Maintaining a single website is easier, cheaper, and less time consuming.

Thinking of switching to responsive web design? That’s right up our alley! Let our expert web developers design a powerful mobile-ready website that will work harder for your business.Contact us today to discuss your project.

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