Top 5 Proven Tips on Effective Corporate Blogging


Did you know that 77% of consumers today read blogs?

If your company isn’t creating custom content, you’re missing out on chances to connect with your future customers. 42% of organizations have gained customer through blogging, making it a crucial part of an inbound marketing strategy. IB2B organizations can benefit significantly from a sound corporate blogging strategy. Here’s how to ensure your content marketing is on-point:

Know Your Ideal Customer

Are you trying to connect with CEOs, marketing managers, or sales directors with corporate blogging? Knowing your ideal customer, their priorities and pain points can help you best target your content to the right audience. As Forbes contributor Drew Hendricks highlights, your tone and style should always be targeted.

Be Consistent


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If your organization is struggling to gain blog subscribers or an engaged audience, your inconsistency may be the culprit. Create a content calendar, and commit to a regular publishing schedule. HubSpot research has found that the more often you blog, the better your results will be.

Be Relevant

There’s no shortage of free content available online. Relevant, high-quality and original content will always be in-demand, though. Fill your editorial calendar with breaking news, hot topics, and angles that your competitors aren’t already covering extensively.

Promote Your Content Wisely

Many B2B organizations fail to see results from their content marketing because they’re simply not promoting their content on the right channels. While Facebook and Twitter may have massive memberships, they’re not exactly a hub for B2B decision makers. Utilize email marketing and LinkedIn to get your message in front of the right people.

Incorporate Visual Content

Did you know 40% of people respond better to images than plain text? Include royalty-free or creative commons licensed images with your content marketing for best results. Studies have also shown that videos and infographics perform quite well.

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