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Inbound marketing is a force not to be ignored. Inbound marketing offers companies an opportunity to increase web traffic, customer acquisition, and a great return on investment. Inbound marketing takes advantage of those people who are already searching for a product and puts your name in front of them.463365643 (1)

What is the fastest way anyone researches a product when they’re looking to buy?  In the “good old days”, the process may have started with phone calls and other networking.  Now, the first step is usually a web-search.  When buying a new product or looking for a new supplier, most of us “Google” the topic to find out what resources are available.  The goal for your business is to be part of those search results.

Getting your product or service out in the World Wide Web for search engines to find is part of your job, and using social media to link your company name with those keywords is an important part of the process. You sell widgets. When a company wants to find widgets, you want their web search to turn up your company web pageyour company Twitter feed, your LinkedIn feed, and your Facebook page.  That is what will compel a new customer to give your company a click.

Part of the research process for that potential buyer will be to check out your website.  A blog that gives your client advice about your business can let them find out if you know your stuff.  If a concrete company offers tips for sealing concrete, buyers will be impressed.  Almost subconsciously, if a blog is well written and authoritative, the potential customer will begin to view your business as well-intentioned and you as a trusted professional.

There aren’t too many shortcuts to getting new customers, and there is a lot of competition for every new customer out there. Improving your inbound marketing presence can be a good start. As with most things, when it’s done right, there is effort involved, but those new customers will be worth it.

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