How Social Networks Like Facebook And Twitter Drive Sales


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Social networks are part of a force that has helped customers offer their opinions on various products, services, and businesses to a much larger audience at much faster speeds than were ever possible with traditional word-of-mouth advertising. There are three barriers that were present with traditional word-of-mouth advertising that have been greatly diminished or completely eliminated by social networks.

Social Networks Get Outside of Mayberry

There was once a time when being the best bakery in town meant only in your town. Now, with the help of social networks, pictures of cookies and croissants can be shared and commented on globally.  This means that people from different neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries can hear about your company’s wonderful products and can even choose to make themselves customers. A larger customer base means more sales. 

Social Networks Move at the Speed of Excitement

Someone loves the hair cut you gave them. They go and tell a few friends and family members where they went for the cut. This increases the people that know about your business by somewhere around 10. With social networks, the person simply posts a picture of their new hair cut with a mention of your business. Within a single second, their 338 Facebook friends and 208 Twitter followers all have access to a highly personalized endorsement for your shop. That’s 546 people vs 10 being notified that your business exists and that it offers good services.

Social Networks are Easier than a Conversation

Some of your best customers may not be the most sociable people in the world in person.However, via social networks, people can highlight the things that they love about a company, service, or product without fear of awkward silences, disagreements, strange glances, or other face-to-face discomforts. In general, people who like their posts will share them, and people who don’t will ignore them, so there’s no great risk involved with sharing.

After making certain your products and services are of excellent quality, be sure to keep your company’s social networking profiles updated and engaging. You want past, present, and future customers sharing with the world how awesome your company is so that all the positive exposure keeps sales rolling in!

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