7 Tips To Improve Your Website With WordPress


Here are 7 ways you can improve your website with Word Press

1. Customizable Design

With WordPress, you will have highly customizable design options using the thousands of elegant design themes to choose from. The publishing tools in WordPress help you to create drafts, schedule releases, and manage revisions easily. You can make your pages public or private, and secure your pages using the password protection feature. Now you can manage media at your fingertips by simply dragging and dropping the media into the media uploader. WordPress also provides full W3C compliance, ensuring that the website works with any current or next generation of browsers.file-1268157291 (4)

2. Add Blogging Feature

Search engines love fresh content, and blogging is a best way of adding the fresh content. WordPress provides built in support for blogging, including archive management and comments.

3. Extend the Functionality Using Plugins

WordPress makes it easy to extend the functionality using the feature-rich plugins. You can make your website visually appealing and highly functional by using the thousands of plugins available such as complex galleries, forums, calendars, spam protection, and many more.

4.  User Management

With WordPress, you can easily manage the users of your site, both internal and public. You can control the access permissions easily, allowing multiple user roles such as administrators, editors, authors, contributors, and subscribers.

5. Build Once, Run Anywherefile-1557260156 (3)

The responsive web design themes available in WordPress allow you to write your content once and make it work on any devices, including mobile.

6. Social Media

The built-in social media widgets and social networking plugins in WordPress allow you to easily integrate social media into your website, helping to expose your site around the world and drive traffic.

7.  SEO Friendly

WordPress includes fine-tune controls for search engine optimization. The content created using WordPress doesn’t use excessive HTML code, making it search engine index-friendly with popular search engines such as Google.

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