How To Measure Engagement with ShareThis


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Using ShareThis social media buttons is a fast and simple way to start to measure engagement on your company website and blog.

What Is ShareThis? 

ShareThis social media buttons help you measure engagement by allowing you to track how many of your readers are sharing your content and which sharing methods they are using (email, Twitter, etc.).

How Does This Information Help My Business? 

Having data about what content is shared the most by your audience, and on which social media channels, helps you build your brand awareness and streamline your marketing strategy.


Sharing Trends

By knowing what gets shared the most, you can reproduce that type of content (how to articles, worst dressed lists, videos, etc.) in order to create more content that will be shared, which will draw in even more readers, who will also share, and so on. Producing engaging content that gets shared also increases the number of people seeing content from your brand on a regular basis.

Knowing page views alone doesn’t help because page views just note how many people have seen the content. Simply seeing something doesn’t mean you resonate with it or find it interesting enough to share with others.

Maybe a well-written headline got someone to the page from a search engine, but the content turned out to be lackluster. Sharing is the true sign of quality content. Websites designed using ShareThis as a tool for tracking sharing offer data that can be used to draw advertisers and increase your customer base.



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Marketing Focus

Knowing which outlets your audience uses lets you know which outlets you should focus on in your marketing. Having and trying to manage too many marketing channels at one time can overwhelm your staff and your marketing budget. Focus on the top social media sites that your audience uses so that you can put more energy, focus, and revenue into tailoring your content to those markets where your content will be most likely to be shared.

The top social media sites for your audience may also be helpful places to advertise with pay-per-click ads.

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