7 Easy Steps To Protect Your WordPress Business Website

493609761your WordPress Business Website. Since Google changed the criteria for how search results appear, we have compiled seven easy steps to help guarantee your advertisements continue to show without compromising site security.

Increase Password Strength

Every year, we witness dozens of companies lose proprietary information due to poor password strength. Your password is the initial step to protecting your business website. Use a combination of letters, words, and symbols, and do not use any names of weekdays, friends, months, or anything else that may be easily guessed.

Utilize Secure Off-Site Data Centers for Cloud Storage

Your may be under the impression that small business means you do not need to have an off-site storage capability. However, off-site data centers can provide you with exponentially greater security resources as well as additional technical support. Furthermore, data centers have more-advanced, physical security than your own office when you are away.

Backup Resources

Business failure does not only come at the hands of someone with malicious intent; it may be the result of Mother Nature. You need to have backup power supplies as well as backup data storage in the event that something unfortunate happens that limits your ability to operate your WordPress site as usual.

Add Additional Security to Your Ecommerce Site

Depending upon the nature of your business site, you need to add additional security layers to your ecommerce site, especially considering the actions of recent hacks, such as the Sony hacking. For example, you may choose to incorporate PayPal into your current checkout process.

Secure Mobile Access to Your Site

Part of protecting your site requires your constant supervision of when, who, why, how, and where someone accesses your mobile site for administrative purposes. You can simplify this be preventing all your employees from accessing your site–administratively–through mobile devices.

Limit the Number of Employees with Access to Your Site

If your business has fewer than five other employees, you should be the only person with access to your WordPress Business Website. As your business grows, you may consider designating one other person to assist in the management of your site; however, you need to take extra caution before giving another person total or near-unlimited control over your site.

Remove Questionable Posts

In the past, Google AdWords used a simple formula for bringing up search results: more keywords would bring the page to the top. Recently, Google began looking at your pages with closer scrutiny, and pages containing “keyword stuffing” may be penalized. Review your past posts for duplicate content or “keyword stuffing,” and remove them from your site.file-1272210560 (7)

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