Why Your Small Business Needs To Be More Active On Social Media

You probably already know that social media has been taking on an increasingly important role in business
462343099 marketing strategies in recent years, but you may not know exactly why.

Social media is important to even small businesses in several different ways, but the main one is that today’s consumer doesn’t respond well to traditional marketing strategies. They’ve become so accustomed to outbound marketing strategies such as unsolicited emails containing advertising, pop up ads, cold calls, and video spots that they completely ignore them without a second thought.

Inbound marketing doesn’t involve trying to reach as many consumers as possible in the hopes that the law of averages will pay off. Instead, inbound marketing will work for your business in a way that reaches potential customers who are already looking for what you have to offer. This yields much higher results than the blind shots in the dark that comprise other advertising methods.

A good social media presence will attract and engage existing and prospective customers, which is why it’s not enough to simply create an account and only update it infrequently. Your social media presence should be an ongoing conversation between you and those who use or may want to use your specific products and services. You social media page should be a resource that enlightens, educates, engages, and entertains.

Inbound marketing also allows the element that many business owners and customers feel is missing from today’s global marketplace — the personal connection. A good social media presence will represent not only your company’s products and services but will reflect who you are as a professional and as a human being. The costs involved in inbound marketing are also significantly smaller than marketing strategies of the past — and the very nature of social media allows modern businesses to reach a worldwide customer base.

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