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You have built it. Will they come? Your online presence is established with a hosted website. Now is the time to funnel new leads to your website and convert those leads into purchases or other desired outcomes.
159024506 Google Adwords is one platform that will help your company and services be seen. Business owners want a high Click Through Rate that is relevant to their site and creates urgency to find out more and purchase.

What is CTR?

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a measurement of how many times viewers click on your ad per hundred impressions or how many times your ad is seen. CTR is not how many total views your site has received. Someone may see the ad and eventually get to your site but not through clicking on the advertisement. It can be seen as an immediate response to your ad.

High CTR Doesn’t Equal High Conversion Ratefile-526510689 (4)

High CTR is directly related to your PPC success. It impacts your Quality Score and how much is paid per click. Sometimes an ad unintentionally attracts simple curiosity seekers and doesn’t encourage the actions desired. The keywords used in the ad may not be relevant to your business or website. This is when the result of your efforts don’t add up to meet your expectations.

Get The Best Rate Possible

A good Click Through Rate has a direct correlation to your Quality Score. Search marketing platforms offer better pricing per click with high relevance ads. The words and calls to action in an ad should be directly connected to the website and the keywords used in search engines. If achieved, you will pay less per click and receive a good flow of relevant traffic to your site.

PPC management professionals are able to provide the expertise to navigate you through the waters of SEO and achieve your marketing objectives. They offer PPC solutions providing cost-effective options that deliver proven results.file-1272210560 (10)

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