6 Money Making Questions To Ask Potential Clients

Are you ready to win over clients? Sometimes it’s all about the questions you ask in your first conversations. Here are several winning questions that will get you that sought-after agreement:481412703

1. What is Your Dream Result?

It’s important that you know the absolute best results that your client wants from this project or service. Sometimes clients scale down out of caution, but getting to know their real dreams can be very revealing, giving you more data to use in your work. Plus, it makes it seem like you are ready to shoot for the stars.

2. What Do You Need to Be More Successful?

This is a very common client question and there are many different versions of it, but they all try to get at the same thing: What is it you really want me to do? There’s a gap between what is and what the client wants, and you need to discover what that gap looks like. Sometimes the client can’t really explain unless encouraged to open up about what they really want.

3. Tell Me Your Plans for a Budget

Of course you need to know about the budget for a project – but there are good and bad ways to ask about this. Do you know your client’s budgeting habits, where the money is coming from, or how likely things are to change in the future? Probably not. Ask open-ended questions about the budgeting process and work around to a firm answer on the funds available for this project, now and in the future. You want this to be part of the final contract.

4. How Would You Like to Communicate?

It’s best to ask the client how they would like to communicate, and immediately offer several of your preferred options. This allows the client to make a choice that works for them, but it also lets you demonstrate the ways that you will be easiest to contact. Sure, you could just hand over a business card, but any project that lasts more than a few days deserves more compatibility, so take time to talk about communication.

5. What Have Your Past Experiences in this Area Been Like?

You want to know what the client’s expectations are, and if they have been burned before. Allowing a client to open up about past projects and work with others can help you differentiate yourself, provide encouragement to the client, and do your job more effectively in the present.

6. What are the Details for the First Step?

Ask about how to get started! Clients want someone who is efficient and ready to begin. Don’t be afraid to throw out your own suggestions about the first steps to take – after all, you are the expert here.

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