13 Myths About Google AdWords: Busted

ThinkstockPhotos-101806157It’s tough enough mastering Google AdWords without being fed a line by people on the internet who aren’t quite sure what they’re talking about. Here are 13 myths about Google AdWords that it’s time to chuck in the trash:

AdWords is an Auction

Bidding the highest PPC is not the only way to “win” at Google AdWords. There are a lot of factors in play.

AdWords is Just Media Placement

AdWords PPC setup is considerably more complex and nuanced than simple media placement.

You Have to Advertise on Google

Actually, Google is just one option.

Google is the Only Engine That Matters

Believe it or not, some people do use Yahoo and Bing. Youtube is actually regarded as a leading “search engine.”

It’s Too Expensive

Advertising that doesn’t work is always too expensive. AdWords is flexible enough to work out a PPC that works for you.

Google is Sabotaging You

With a consultant on your side, it’s easy to make Google work for you, not the other way around.

Get to Number One or Don’t Bother

False, getting seen at all helps.

More Keywords!

It only takes one or two relevant keywords to get seen.

Keyword Stuffing Works

Jamming one keyword after another won’t work. Google looks at context (and so do visitors).

Search & Display is the Only Viable Option

It’s worth exploring every option and seeing what works.

Nobody Clicks Those Ads

Organic search results are great, but PPC does work, and makes it easier to track your results.

Lower Click Through Rates Save You Money

Lower click through rates only save you money if your conversion rate is abysmally low, and that sounds like an issue on your end, not Google’s.

There’s No Way to Get a Higher CTR in My Industry

This is almost definitely not true, and if it is, your best bet is to switch industries, fast.

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