Top 5 Digital Channels for Small Business Advertising

ThinkstockPhotos-140054736Selecting the best digital channels for your advertisements will be the greatest choice in your digital marketing strategy. Depending on how you plan to reach customers, choose of one of these 5 top digital channels for marketing your business and increasing new customer acquisition rates.

Google AdWords

Built on the basis of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords offers hundreds of features for improving your digital marketing campaigns. This digital marketing channel can be applied to nearly any marketing campaign, provided it does not conflict Google AdWords Terms of Use. One of Google AdWords’ greatest benefits lies within your ability to run multiple comparison reports of your ads versus your competitors. Furthermore, this campaign channel allows for maximum exposure since Google indexes more than 60 million webpages.

Facebook Ads

Social media reaches into the ever-growing interconnected world through a variety of devices. Whether your customers are checking out their friends’ “Liked” pages or just scrolling through the news, Facebook Ads allows you to give your personal message to potential customers. Furthermore, you can select target demographics and number of times each ad should run on Facebook.  Also, Facebook Ads can be purchased in blocks, so you can always maintain control of your marketing costs.

Pandora and YouTube Ads

This marketing channel requires visitors to watch your ads. For example, unpaid Pandora subscriptions require customers to watch an entire advertisement at specific intervals. Similarly, YouTube requires visitors to watch a portion of an advertisement before allowing visitors to “skip” the advertisement. To take advantage of this marketing channel, place the most important information at the beginning of the advertisement. This is the time when a user will be most interested in the media and remember your company.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be termed one of the most effective means of reaching out to potential customers. When a customer visits a store, he or she may have the option of providing contact information, including email addresses, which can then be used to send out email updates about your business. Furthermore, a customer who has previously given your business this information will be more likely to read through your email and visit your website.  However, you should not totally rely on email marketing campaigns as some customers will just move the email to the “junk” folder.


Out of all digital marketing channels, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising gives you the ability to get a large number of customer leads quickly. When a customer clicks on your information, he or she leaves behind a digital footprint of his or her information, which is then used to further reach out to customers and grow your business. You can still control how much of your budget is spent on lead generation through PPC advertising. Furthermore, PPC allows for an increased level of accuracy for targeting a specific demographic or market.

Once you have selected your primary digital marketing channel, consider using multiple channels. Although each of these channels brings new customers and visitors into your view, the combination of the channels will provide the greatest return on investment. More than anything, ask yourself how your existing customers would want to be contacted before selecting a digital marketing channel.

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