5 Online Tools for Improving Business Efficiency

Small businesses rely upon many self-service and easy-to-use tools throughout the course of business.
ThinkstockPhotos-177436977However, more businesses want to evolve and move into the digital marketplace without risking loss of efficiency or exponential costs for mass-marketing agencies. In order to help your small business become more efficient, we recommend the use of the following budget-friendly tools. Each tool was chosen due to its ease-of-use, accessibility, and ability to impact your business in a positive manner.


As a small business owner, inspiration or ideas can strike at any time. Evernote® allows you to take down notes on any device, which then syncs to your other devices. For example, take notes of customer needs in the field, and see the notes on your computer in your office when you return.

WebEx™ for Business

If you want to begin holding routine meetings or guided training sessions for employees when you are unavailable to do so in-person, WebEx™ for Business is the tool for you. If you are having a difficult time navigating the software, you can contact customer support easily. If you are planning to expand your business, WebEx™ for Business makes an excellent way for your employee teams to work together from different locations.


iMeet® is similar to WebEx™ for Business; however, iMeet® offers cheaper versions of the software. Furthermore, employees can access your streaming feed from multiple devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop as well.


Although WordPress is most popular for creating and managing blogs, more small businesses use WordPress as a means of creating and managing a website. WordPress gives you access to a large range of plug-ins, widgets, and themes. You can select a theme to match your existing business mission, or you can create a custom theme based on an existing theme in WordPress. Furthermore, you do not need advanced computer or programming training for managing a WordPress site. The procedures for using WordPress can be taught to your employees, and you can grant specific access to certain employees through the creation of additional user accounts under your administrative account.


SlideShare® is an excellent tool for providing training or routine updates to employees when you do not have time or the capability to conduct meetings in-person or through another meeting software. You can use SlideShare® as a way of starting the day to give your employees guidance on today’s tasks when you are busy as well. Furthermore, SlideShare® is a free solution to your business needs.

As a small business owner, you need to use these specific online tools for increasing efficiency. As your business expands, these tools will provide valuable insight and help into how to best take care of your business.

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