7 Exciting Developments In Pay Per Click

Pay per click is becoming more interesting every day – here are 7 Exciting Developments that are happening now!


1. Better Semantic Search Tools:Semantic searches are growing from a niche to the norm in PPC strategies. Semantic searches value user sentiment that traditional keyword strategies could not grasp. Using these tools requires a new understanding of how PPC is evolving, and a more defined knowledge of what your company’s buyer personas are typing into their search bar.

2. More PLAs: PLAs or Product Listing Ads (i.e. shopping campaigns on Google) are now big news. Google has devoted even more SERP room for these ads, which connect customers directly with specific products based on their searches. This eliminates time consuming steps in your customer’s purchasing process and potentially revolutionizes the way companies track ads and sell items. PLAs are also changing the way pricing is displayed in ads, making comparison much easier for the consumer.

3. New Call-Only Ads: A person using internet search on their phone is generally more willing to call your business to find out specific details about a product or service rather than searching laboriously through pages of data. Call-Only ads clearly present your phone number,  a short business description and most importantly a call button — simplifying things for consumers and creating warm inbound calls for you! In fact, 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

4. The Rise of Mobile Tags: Mobile tags have been adopted by the major search engines. Meaning when consumers use internet search on their phones, the impending results are prioritized to display sites that work better on smaller screens. Making it increasingly important for businesses to have a quality mobile responsive website.

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5. More App Use on Both Sides: Mobile apps are being used by more consumers and therefore are growing as a target for app advertisements. New ways to put video ads and other content into these apps are on the rise and developments from Google AdWords allow better tracking of app ad campaigns.

6. Complete Persona Tracking: Search based persona tracking allows you to target your campaigns to people based on their interactions with your website. You can then relate that information to what keywords were used to find your business, helping you devise a better PPC strategy.

7. Remarketing Ads: Remarketing shows your ads to people who have visited your website or mobile app before. When people navigate away from your website without making a purchase remarketing helps you stay in their minds by showing them relevant ads for your business as they browse the web, use mobile apps, or perform a search on Google.

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