Is Your Marketing Becoming Obsolete?

wake_up_adConsumers in the modern world are tired of having marketing messages shoved in their faces at every turn. They want to explore their options, research potential solutions, get feedback from peers and family, then when they are ready; contact you to discuss your offering in more detail. Ready to have your traditional marketing flipped on its head?

1. 86% of B2C marketers are now using inbound marketing

It’s not just another trend or buzzword of the moment. Inbound marketing is stealing the show when it comes to marketing. It your not embracing it, you will no doubt get left behind. If you’re a B2B business, even more of your peers are using inbound – 91% actually.

2. Businesses who make blogging a priorty are 13 times more likely to realize a positive ROI

Blogging is your chance to show customers you care about them and the problems they are facing. Are you ready to blog? Gather your team and bring your pens and papper. Write down who your potential customers are, what troubles do they face, and how can you help. Now focus your blog around those topics! Blogging is an ongoing commitment to your customers and we recomend publishing content 2-3 times per week.

3. 80% of purchasers accept and trust information they read in articles rather than information found in advertisments


When you share information and solve a person’s problems by addressing their needs they relate to what you’re saying – rather than just having shoving your sales message down their throat. When a customer perceives value in the content you are sharing, they’re more likely to buy from your company

4. 93% of companies who participate in inbound marketing benefit from increased lead generation

Inbound marketing is a great method of generating leads, plus it costs a lot less (about 62%) than traditional marketing – it’s a no brainer that your company should be seizing this opportunity! Envision you are searching for a new car, which company are you most likely to visit?

1) A car dealership whose website promotes teaching the benefits of all the newest features on their latest model when you schedule a free test drive.

2) A car dealership that has a gimmicky radio commercial.

5. 60% of companies have gained new customers from social media

Is your company getting the most out of your social media accounts? Start by doing a search that is relevant to your business – and your competitors – to help target potential customers. Tip: Reel them in by being charming and human, not salesy. If you sell cupcakes and you come across people who mention eating cupcakes on their social media posts, perhaps engage them with a tweet that says “We love cupcakes too! The next time your sweet tooth calls, give in and we’ll reward you!” (Attach photo with a coupon for percentage off or BOGO) Another great way to attact new customers and retain current clients is by hosting contests. Remember to be strategic in your offerings, or you might attract the wrong type of followers.


So, does inbound marketing have your attention yet? It isn’t about pushy sales tactics, in-your-face ads or cold-calling but it is about creating valuable, quality content that your customers will love. In contrast, outbound marketing is interuption marketing that kicks he door in, rather than politely ringing the doorbell. Inbound marketing is respectful marketing that focuses on solving your customer’s wants and needs. At Mosier Data we are proud to use it as our primary lead generation channel and we advise our clients to do the same!

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