Digital Marketing Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Are you a marketing professional, business owner or maybe you fall somewhere in between. In today’s world its possible you wear many hats, manage a slew of different projects, online marketing campaigns, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, etc. (Did you tweet yet today?  Respond to all those blog comments? Remember your 3pm meeting? And how’s your Klout score coming along?) It can be overwhelming at times. Thank goodness there are awesome tools that can make your job easier. Oh, you’re wondering what tools I’m talking about?

15 Digital Marketing Tools To Make Life Easier


Project Management/Collaboration

Basecamp Screen_Shot_2015-08-07_at_3.03.48_PM

Basecamp has been around for a while, so you’ve probably heard of it already. It’s a cloud-based project management tool that allows you to collaborate with team members and clients on a project-by-project basis. It offers to-do lists, web based text documents, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and a messaging system to keep everyone up to date on the latest progress.


Trello is a good tool for in-office project management.  Essentially, you create a “board” for each project, make lists to record your progress on that project and create a “card” that outlines each task. It could be loosely compared to Pinterest but instead of photo pins you have task cards.  It’s easy to learn and easy to use.

File Management



Dropbox allows you to access your files in the cloud, meaning you can be anywhere – in the office, at a client meeting, at home – and still access that important file!  It can store all files of all sizes (up to 100gb for business users) online so that all the members of your team can view and/or edit them. This is especially helpful if your team is spread out in multiple offices or in different locations.  No emailing large files back and forth.  Just drop it in Dropbox.

Google Drive

I love Google Drive. No really – I LOVE IT.

It’s like Microsoft Office but better. Drive is a cloud-based platform that you can also sync to your hard drive, for access even when you’re offline. Share resources, files, photos, create and update spreadsheets, word documents, presentations and more all in REAL TIME with collaborators of your choosing. The storage limit is 15 GB and what’s even better? Its FREE and you can have an unlimited amount of users! Drive also offers great search capabilities (a time saver when searching for files or folders) and a whole host of apps (like DocuSign). The only catch – you have to have a Gmail account in order to use it.

Social Media tweetdeck-facebook

TweetDeck allows you manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard.  It also updates you when a post goes live with a handy little box that pops up on the corner of your screen.


Facebook also offers a scheduling tool along with detailed analytics to help you see when posting is most effective for your business.

Visual Content Tools


Are infographics a part of your digital marketing campaigns?  If they are, Piktochart is a fantastic program that will help you to create quality infographics.  It’s quite user-friendly so you won’t have to be a designer to get a beautiful infographic as your end result.  It will even store your files so you can edit them as needed at a later time.


Organizational Tools


Does anyone else have a drawer full of business cards?  I know I’m not the only one! Flexadex is a great way to store important contact information for all your clients and colleagues online so you can look up someone’s information wherever you are.


If you login to a lot of online accounts, it can be pretty annoying when you forget or lose your passwords.  Passpack is great because you can store all your usernames and passwords in your online account and share them with your team.



If you use lists to help keep yourself organized, like me, then Evernote is a must have! I can’t function without my lists! Okay, maybe I could, but keeping organized with notes and lists keeps me from going crazy.

Evernote allows you to make notes with images, voicemails, and even website links.  You can label your notes, turn them into reminders and share them and you have access to them on any online device!

GOOGLE google-apps-cloud

Google Alerts

This is a handy little tool, courtesy of Google, that tells you when your brand is mentioned online.  You can even have it alert you when your competitors are mentioned.  Pretty helpful for knowing who’s talking about you on the Web.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is indispensable for monitoring the results of your website traffic and where that traffic comes from. The graph view is especially useful when you need a visual of your website traffic trends.

Google Calendar

Keep track of meetings, conference calls, appointments events, out of office reminders, etc.  You can create different calendars for different projects, clients, even ones for personal use like your kids’ crazy schedules and family events. Share the calendars with your team, clients and family as needed. You can choose to see all of your calendars at once, or turn them on and off to see one, two or more at a time.

Google Apps for Businesses

This is a fully integrated apps system that just makes doing business from a mobile device easier.  The apps include Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and more. The best part about Google Apps is that they all integrate seamlessly with each other.

Google Insights

Wondering how popular a certain keyword is?  Use Google Insights to see if your keywords are gaining or losing popularity over time.  You can search by region and find out what’s popular during certain times of the year, like the holidays.

Are there other online tools you use that I didn’t mention?  Comment and let us know what’s made your life easier!

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