Are you spOOking your customers? (3 common mistakes)

boo‘Why isn’t anyone buying my service (or product)?’

Last week, we encountered a client with that SAME dilemma.  He had a great offer, solicited feedback from ideal customers, had lots of experience in his field and credibility as a quality service provider – yet no one was buying his new offer.

His first thought was to lower the cost of the offer. “Maybe I over priced it? What if my customers can’t afford my new service?”  These are common thoughts but are most usually not the case. After evaluating the pages on his website we quickly realized he was making 3 fairly basic mistakes. No one was buying because they did not understand the VALUE of his new service. 

We thought our findings could be helpful to you too seeing as how, they could completely MASSACRE your time consuming and costly marketing endeavors. Are you spOOking your customers? Read on to see.

Mistake 1: Too much YOU and not enough THEM

Good news, you’ve been receiving above average traffic to your website lately. Bad news, your bounce rate is also higher than normal. Picture a potential customer’s first visit to your website, they will probably be checking out your About Us / Why Us / Who We Are page. Think about how well that page is written, do you give relevant information about WHY someone would want to choose you, what makes you different, what makes you valuable to your clients

Are you SCARING potential clients with long lists of  certifications, awards and degrees that they don’t understand. Is it crawling with irrelevant facts about your personal life?What your they really care about is that YOU understand THEM and they can envision your company helping to solve their problem. Your About page should always speak to your potential clients by addressing their situation, problem or desire. 

Look at your page and ask these questions:

  • Do I represent having distinct knowledge of who I serve?
  • Am I showing that I understand their issue, concerns and goals?
  • Is it clear that I am capable and ready to help them?

Not as good at you thought? Implementing these small changes can make a big impact on your marketing efforts. Remember you can employ these guiding questions with your email campaigns, social media profiles, and even during your in-person introductions.

Mistake 2: But WHY? 


One more frequent mistake we see quite often are feature lists like the one below

With my service/product, you get all of the following:

  • Email access
  • Workbook
  • Ten 60-minute phone calls
  • Exercises and Training Guides

TRUST me, you will make almost NO SALES this way. Why? You are not explaining the VALUE in what you are offering, WHY would your customers WANT these items? Try this instead:

  • Unlimited email access to me and my staff so you can ask all your important questions and get QUICK answers.
  • A comprehensive workbook that will jump start our progress towards your goals of ________ (i.e. eating better, becoming financially independent, talking to your kids about life after high school, etc)
  • I understand how hard it is to keep focused over a 10 week period. To help keep you on track and better understand your progress I will call you EVERY WEEK  for a 60 minute one on one phone call.
  • I also include essential exercises throughout the program to support you and help you become comfortable and confident upon achieving your goal

Obviously these are generic examples but you use the idea behind them to customize them to your service/product. Just remember to ask yourself “Why does this matter?” until you have dynamic and helpful bullet points, not just frightening  feature lists.  

Mistake 3: Just ASK

Even after changing his About page and recreating his bullet points to convey value in his offer and clearly listing his pricing he still was not making the sales he had hoped for. Were his customers scared? Was the service too expensive? The simple answer is NO. 

He forgot to ASK for the sale! Which made his potential clients feel lost. They wanted to buy but didn’t know how. Don’t let this happen to you. Make doing business with your company EASY. Do you want them to fill out an application? Schedule an appointment? Buy directly from your website? TELL THEM.

It can be different for each business, just make sure it is really clear. Clients should not have to wonder how to hire you!


Our findings – understand the problems your potential clients are facing right NOW and tell them how you can help them get where they want to be. Uncovering hidden problems, researching the latest and best marketing techniques and analyzing metrics is what makes us tick. If you want more insights into your current marketing strategy just send us an email , want details on specific services –> Get A Quote or just want to talk, call 863-687-0000

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