Your Biggest Selling Feature Could Be An Easy To View Website

In the digital age your biggest selling feature could be an easy to view website with responsive web design. But before we talk about  why it’s important, let’s first be clear about what Responsive Web Design really is.

What is it?responsive web design

Responsive Web Design is a way of designing websites to give users the best viewing and interaction possible—simplifying the way they read and maneuver within the site that leads to minimal resizing and scrolling no matter their chosen device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.).

Now that we’re clear on that, let’s explore why it is important.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

We all know that mobile surfing is on the rise. But, visiting a website that doesn’t engage Responsive Web Design limits a user’s interaction causing them to leave your site within moments. Honestly, it can be frustrating for business owners too. Leaving you to wonder; why isn’t my website converting the way it should be?

In a day and age where we have the convenience of everything being at our fingertips it’s beneficial to build sites that are available in multiple facets across all devices. It’s pleases consumers to be able to view all of your products and services easily and shows them you care about their experience on your website. It’s almost a selling feature in and of itself. If using your website is not an easy endeavor, the consumer will surely find your competition’s responsive website much more appealing.

How Does It Affect Me?

woman magnifying responsive web designThink about your own experiences. You’re sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. The magazines are from 2011, but you have your internet-ready phone with you. (Thank goodness.) You suddenly remember amidst scrolling through social media once again that you need to purchase item ‘A.’ Upon clicking onto your favorite website, you find their mobile site is difficult to navigate. You aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, and if you are, the lengths you must go through to finalize the purchase are beyond the convenience you crave. You don’t want to waste your free time while waiting. You don’t want to chance forgetting once you arrive home, sit down at your desktop computer, to search for what you need.

So, when it comes to the pros and cons of Responsive Web Design, it is easy to see that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to losing sales opportunities to your competitor because of navigation and ease of use. Also, in this instance we’re discussing small business owners. Don’t worry about the ‘big boxes’ of the internet until you’re rowing in that same boat.

Of course, you could set up a mobile website along with your traditional desktop website, but why? One-pot meal, one-stop shop, one and done, k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid) Also, if you had two site formats, you’d have to worry about TWO search engine results and maintaining both websites. Having a responsive website keeps all of your focus can be in one place.

Its Your Turn

Now that we’ve discussed what exactly Responsive Web Design is, and gone over some major points as to why it’s the way to go, we hope that you agree. If you found this insightful please share it with your friends and networking groups. We wish you much success with your website and expect that you’re on your way to building a responsive website if you don’t already have one. responsive web design goddard

These screenshots will help you envision what a Responsive Website would look like on an mobile phone vs. laptop vs. tablet. Scroll through each version here: Responsive Website Versions (copy/paste in the search bar) . You can also test your own website for responsiveness while you’re there!


CTA Mobile responsive web design - large


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