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Social Media is taking over the web and marketing, or so it seems. Honestly think for a moment, how is your conversion rate on Social Media? If you’re like most, it probably isn’t all that workgreat. That doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Social Media has it’s place in the marketing world but that place isn’t always making sales and converting browsers in to buyers. Think of your own social media experience, you’re not scrolling through your news feed hoping to find a new product or service to buy, you’re there catching up with friends and family. So what is a business to do in social media? Social Media is a good place to share general information about your products or services, post helpful blog topics, show employees in action or other things that are low to no pressure for potential clients. It’s your chance to connect with them on a friendlier level.

Where does that leave you if you are looking for more conversions? (Aside from your website, which we are going to assume you already have) EMAIL. For those who have forgotten about this lost art, let us refresh your memory with this helpful infographic from Devesh Khanal below. Tried and true, email saves the day, helping you reach more of your prospects, get them engaged, and convert more of them to actual customers!

Now is the time to seize the day, a new month will be upon us before we know it! This makes a great opportunity to work on creating enticing emails for your current clients and subscribers, growing your existing mailing list and of course reacquainting yourself with your mailing system. We expect your efforts to be rewarding however, if it all sounds a little overwhelming or time consuming worry not, Mosier Data is happy is offer complimentary consultations to discuss your email and other marketing needs.

Here are some of the most important points from the below infographic:

  • Email average Open Rate is 20.2%, while Facebook Reach is at around 2%
  • Email has 50 to 100 higher click rates than Facebook and Twitter
  • Average CPC (Cost per Click) on Facebook is $0.20 – $0.30, Google ranges from $0.90 – $5.8, while Email has a CPC of $0.02 when you have over 10k subscribers and free under 2k
  • Email converts 40 times higher than Facebook and Twitter combined

email vs social media

Source: Social Media Statistics: Email Still Has the Highest Engagement
From: Devesh Design

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