#MosierTalks Ep. 3 – More Digital Assets

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…and here we are with Episode 3!

As you know, last week I talked about owning your assets. In that context, I was talking about your domain names and any images you have on your website.

Today I am expanding on that a little bit. We got a call from a new client the other day that was spending a sizeable chunk of cash for an “SEO Guy” to rank his site. The problem was, the site was still ranking on page 6 to 7 and not even showing up on the map listings.

A quick look at the source of the site showed there was Google Analytics installed. But the client was told by his “guru” that he didn’t need analytics, and that even back-end admin access to his website would “work against” what he was doing.

Anyway, enjoy this episode, and as always, feel free to comment or reach out in one of the dozens of ways if you have a question or comment.

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