Why Are My Web Design Quotes So Expensive?

Why is my web design quote so expensive?

Want to create a new website and looking for web design quotes? Surprised as to why one web design project proposal states the cost to be $10,000 while another just $1,000 when both of them are for the same web design project?


What you’re asking for may be quite simple – a 20-page website with a couple of standard features. Add to it you might look to migrate your current site and blogs that you might own.  You are probably looking to make your website more mobile-friendly too.

How then does the price disparity between the two proposals happen?

You see, there are inherent complexities to it all, and website developers may look to go about the project differently. A bigger quote doesn’t necessarily mean a more in-depth work.  More often than not, it does mean that your site is built better and designed to last.

If you’re looking to know what’s the right cost for your website development project, fret not. We have broken down all the reasons that make the same project, with the same requirements unlike each other.

Every Website is Different

Let’s work with the example of a house. You want to rent a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment for yourself. The apartment rent could be less than $800 or 5 times that depending on the area you’ve chosen to live in.

When you live alone, security is one of your biggest concerns. You will want to live in an area with the lowest crime rates. You’d also like the building you live in to have some form of security.

Apart from this, you may want your house to have a view, a balcony, or you may want it to be furnished. All of this comes at an extra cost. The house that you live in should be able to accommodate your friends, should be comfortable, and should look good as well. The purpose of the house doesn’t end with being available for rent.

The same goes for a website. One could create a 20-page website for you by just using templates and copy all of your content. But the website doesn’t rank anywhere on Google, tells no story about your business and doesn’t look interesting for the reader to follow at all.

A website, just like a house is more of an investment than a one-time purchase. It can reap your business a lot of benefits and help you keep track of it as well. Hence, you must go with a company which will keep your goals in mind and builds a tool for your business rather than a brochure.

Website Design and Development Shops are Different

Now that you’ve truly understood the purpose of having a website, you’re going to look for an agency that helps you build this business tool of yours.

However, it’s important that you don’t limit your search to a company that only designs websites. Go for marketing firms that not only understand how a website needs to be build but also the process of it coming together. They understand the need to use keywords and how to increase the ranking of your website on Google.

Look for agencies that, if not highly efficient with data, are at least comfortable around it. They should be familiar with the concepts of digital marketing, content creation, and marketing strategy.

You shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest thing in the market here, but one that gives you what you ask for.

Just like you wouldn’t hire the cheapest lawyer for your case or the most affordable accountant to handle your taxes, you shouldn’t be looking out for the cheapest website designer in the market. The website is a potential marketing tool for you and you need to choose wisely.

Proposals for Website Design and Development are Different

After you’ve decided on everything you want out of a website and you ask for proposals from different the agencies. You’ll be skimming through a pile of proposals filled with jargon, have bullet points for their pricing, but would never feature what you really asked for, the results.

If you really want to find an organization that’ll give you value for your money, choose the agency first. If you’re going to ask for proposals from an organization that you barely know, you’ll never be able to learn their work ethic and the results they’re capable of providing. Interview companies, ask them what they can offer you, what are they good at, and see their line of work.

It’s More Than Just a Website

You know that you don’t just need a website out there; instead, you want a revenue generation tool that can help you make money. To do that, every little things matter, from the meta tags of the pages to the web page URLs’ themselves. It’s what can help you increase conversions and offer better performance for your visitors – and you shouldn’t think twice about shelling something extra for all this.

Always go for a company that can provide functional results. For example, the company should be able to offer you a working model of the site first and then build in the additional features later on. This way, your work would never be disrupted, and you’ll get value for the money invested.

Look for a website agency based on your requirements before asking for a proposal and handing them your revenue generating tool.


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