8 SEO Tips and Tricks Anyone Can Do

8 SEO Tips and Tricks Anyone Can Do

SEO is a proven concept that enables website owners and bloggers to employ different techniques with the goal of attaining higher page rank status on search engines as well as attracting more traffic. As a blogger or website owner, there are techniques which you can implement without the help of SEO experts themselves.

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Develop Your Own Image

It is a common practice among website owners and bloggers to rely on royalty free photos or stock photo websites. What many people don’t know is that such photos have been bought and already used on many blogs and websites.
To ensure your website stands out, create custom photos that are shareable. You can use free web apps like Canvas to create infographics and social media pictures among others.

Use Keywords In The Right Location

Keywords are topics that not only make your content to be searchable but they help to define your content. For instance, a keyword like dentist New York can be used to create content that describes all services offered by the dentist. When creating content, use three to six keywords in a 500 word article. Include the keyword in your titles, sub headings, Meta description and URL among others.

Create Shareable And Ever Green Content

It has been said over and over again that content is king and sure it is. Content contains information that can be used to make decisions. For instance, you can look up symptoms and homemade cures for common cold among others. As a blogger or website owner, make sure your content is evergreen, informative, entertaining and relevant.

Research Your Competitors

Just like running a physical store, you should research on your competitors. What keywords are they using? Whom are they attracting? What ads are they running? What topics of interest are there readers interested in? Learning more about your competitors can give you a competitive edge. Use free tools like SEM Rush.

Monitor Your Website’s Performance Using Free Analytics Tools

How do you know your daily, weekly and monthly traffic numbers? Do you know what devices have accessed your website? How do you know where you traffic originates? Do you know what webpages have been accessed and for how long? The simple answer is using SEO analytics platform.

Promote Your Content Using Social Media Influencers

Today, you can promote your content using social media influencers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram among others. There are several benefits of using this means. For starters, it will reach your target audience. You will get to attract more visitors who can be converted into paying customers thus improving your revenue.

Build Links With Authoritative Websites

Depending with your niche, you can include external links from high ranking websites. As a result, your website’s ranking will increase which will attract more visitors who can be converted into paying customers finally increasing your revenue.

Use Internal Links Appropriately

Using internal links within your content allows your readers to get more information about a certain topic or title. For instance, if you are running a health and wellness website and a few months ago you posted two articles on “How to lose weight safely” and “7 Tips and tricks for losing weight using homemade recipes.”

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