Pay Per Click Ad Headlines That Work

Pay Per Click Ad Headlines That Work

Pay Per Click ads (PPC) can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and attract new customers, but it needs an effective headline in order to be a success. When you use PPC ads on a search engine, or in social media, it has to compete with everything else demanding the user’s attention. From competing with stories about celebrities, to GIFs of puppies, your headline has to be an attention grabber. Additionally, the description of what your company is providing and the call to action need to be strong enough to inspire clicks.

The headline also needs to be related to your product, while “Martians Found in Washington D.C” is an attention grabber, but unless you are dealing with extra-terrestrials its not going to lead to a customer purchasing your goods or services. You only have a fraction of a second as the customer glances at your ad to encourage them enough to click on it. Use ineffective language in your headline and in that fraction of a second when the customer’s eyes are on your ad, you lose the customer. Here are some ways to construct an effective headline that will be strong enough to stand up to the most distracting web content.

What Customers Search For

When customers are looking for a good or service they tend to seek something that has been labeled “the best” such as “Best carpet cleaning service in Central Florida” or “Best value shoes on the internet”.  Your headline should reflect what people search, so if you are a cabinet maker you could use “Best Cabinet Builder in Central Florida” or “Best Quality Cabinets in Central Florida”. You need to anticipate how your potential customer is going to be seeking your product or service, and then craft your headline to match that idea.

Short And To The Point Descriptions

Remember that your headline must not use weak or negative language that can give the customer the wrong impression. Using phrases like “Lowest Cost Cabinets”, “Cabinets Made Cheap”, and “Cabinets for Less” all can give the customer the idea that the cabinets are shoddily made and therefore not worth taking time to click on the ad.  If you are trying to convey a cost difference with other cabinet makers then stronger language needs to used. “Quality Cabinets for a Value” or “The Best Made Cabinets at a Bargain” convey a much more positive image to the customer, and as such, more likely to result in clicks.

Positive headlines are also much more likely to compete with posts on social media, breaking the attention barrier that often exist between the customer and an ad.  It is essential that you remember you are writing an ad for the customer, not for yourself. You must not only use language the customer may be searching for in the headline, but in the body as well. Make sure to keep the description short, long descriptions will appear time consuming and discourage a customer from reading your ad.

Strong Calls to Action

A strong call to action is also important. Using strong, instructive language will urge the customer on to your website. Some examples of effective calls to action are: “Act Now!”, “Buy Now!” “Contact us Today!” and “Check it Out!”.

Remember to use a headline that a potential customer may search for, use short and to the point descriptions, and instructive calls to action. Using these simple rules will lead to more clicks on your ad!

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