SEO Analysis, How Your Company Can Benefit from It

Blog (Mosier) - SEO Analysis, How Your Company Can Benefit from It

Your company puts time and effort in your SEO strategy, but how effective is it? You know it’s vital to your business to have a high ranking among search engines like Google and Bing, but how do you get there? Do you really know if your SEO strategy is working? If the answer is “I don’t know” then your company needs to consider SEO analysis.

Simply using SEO keywords without any real thought behind them is unlikely to yield any lasting benefits. Your company’s site is not going to generate traffic by blindly using SEO keywords. SEO analysis is the tool you need to know how well your strategy is working and if it is producing the desired SERP ranking (search engine results per page). Let’s take a look at some ways to simplify and maximize your SEO strategy.

Make Sure Your Links Are Working

It does not matter what your ranking is for any search engine if a potential customer clicks on a link within your website and its dead. A dead (or broken) link creates a negative experience, a bad first impression, and its unlikely that the user will return. Using a link checker will allow you to find all the links not working on your website.

Google Console

Another useful tool is Google Console which gives metrics on things such as the keywords which drove traffic to your site, who has linked to your site, and other measurables. A important feature Google Console offers is to notify you when there seems to be an issue with your site so it can be dealt with right away.

Find The Right Keywords

Moz Pro offers the ability to find the right keywords to optimize your SEO rankings.  It will also create detailed custom reports to track your keywords. It also keeps track of your search engine rankings and like Google Console notifies you of any problems with your links.  Unlike Google Console which is free, Moz Pro has a cost attached to it.

SEO Tools

Up City provides an “SEO report card” for free.  All you have to do is enter your contact information and the URL you want to check. Up City will give you a score of up to 100 and some basic metrics on your website. HubSpot has a similar format to Up City giving you a score of up to 100.  It really hinges on preference when choosing between the two services.


There are some things to keep in mind regardless if you use an online SEO tool or you hire professionals to do analysis for you. Your strategy should include a monthly report that provides your websites rank.  A click through rate to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns.  Monthly searches and what keywords your competitors are using. Analysis of your competitor’s SEO is key to making sure your company keeps up with your industry.

The analysis should have page performance data.  This will tell you if your webpage is too slow or if its links are broken. Content should be audited to repetitiveness or if the pages need more content.  Mobile and desktop content should be analyzed for speed and layout.

Backlinks should be checked to ensure that they are meeting quality standards. The report should also state the impact of the layout and construction of the website. Analysis of social media synergy with your SEO strategy will tell you about your success on the various social media platforms.


The bottom line is that SEO analysis can make the difference between your company being on the fringe of your industry or at the forefront. Only receiving cast off customers from your competitors. With proper analysis and planning your business can be using SEO strategies that will result in long term success.

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