Modifying Your PPC Campaign for Maximum Results

Your pay per click (PPC) campaign may be going well, but is it going well enough? There are a few details you may not have considered when devising your PPC campaign, these overlooked details are the difference between reaching a few potential customers, and having likely potential customers find exactly one of the goods or services you offer.  Once this concept is fully realized it will be a powerful tool in converting clicks to sales.

Steering Customers to Your Website

Steering a customer to your website’s homepage has always been the conventional way of performing a PPC campaign. After all, your website has links to goods or services on the homepage. It is correct that a customer could find what they are looking for after arriving at your homepage, but if it came from a specific search it is unlikely to result in anything more than a frustrated customer.

Let’s say your company performs clean outs of various types, including some that are specialized. A customer does a search for “estate clean outs”, which you have included in your keywords and a click brings the customer to your homepage. There is a link for services at the top of the page, but because the customer does not see “estate clean outs” listed, they return to the search engine where you placed your ad, and choose another company in the results.

The cost spent for that PPC ad has gone to waste. How then can you increase the chances that your search engine results page (SERP) listings result in actual sales? The answer is simpler than you may have considered.

Landing Pages

Instead of having your PPC campaign linked to your company’s homepage, you can have it linked directly to a landing page that is specific to a search which lead the customer there.  The landing pages should have graphics and calls to action customized to a specific good or service. In this way you are enhancing your customers experience and are more likely to see conversions.


The use of specific keywords is crucial in driving a customer to the landing page connected to a search.  Keywords that are too general will fail to drive any traffic to a landing page based on narrow search parameters. Returning to the earlier example of a search for “estate clean outs” you can better drive someone to a landing page for that service by use of several tools.

First, you need to make sure that your PPC campaign weeds out visitors from outside your company’s location.  If the cleaning company is in Lakeland, Florida the keywords should include “Lakeland estate clean outs”, “Lakeland estate cleaning service” and “Lakeland, Florida estate clean outs”; just to give a few examples of geographic importance. Your company does not want people from Omaha using clicks for which your company paid.

Negative Words

Next use negative keywords to prevent clicks from non-paying users. This cleaning service might want the phrase “do it yourself” or “how to” used as a negative keywords.

Exact Match Types

There are additional methods to improve results from your PPC click throughs.  Using quotation marks around keywords is known as an exact match type, i.e. “estate clean outs”, which is the most specific search method.  Another method if you want to broaden your search is to use phrase match types such as “Estate junk removal” or “Estate furniture removal”. General or broad match types can use a “+” to require a word be included in search results, “+estate clean outs” make sure the word “estate” is included in search results; this turns broad match types into modified broad match types.

Incorporating these methods into you PPC campaigns will yield results right away, and result in new customers.

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