The Emerging Dominance of WordPress on the Web

The Emerging Dominance of WordPress on the Web

WordPress, once just a humble blogging platform has grown exponentially. As far as Content Management Systems (CMS) go, it is now the eight-hundred pound gorilla of the internet.  Out of the millions of CMS websites on the planet, WordPress now powers over half of them. Many of the most prominent websites such as The Walt Disney Company are now using it over more traditional platforms. To find the reason for the diversity of users who now use WordPress, you do not have to look very hard.

Grown in Popularity

It is easy to see why WordPress has grown in popularity. Easily customizable and immensely user friendly, it gives users the ability to shape their own digital world.  It allows for experimentation until the user finds the perfect configuration. Large corporations to small business owners like cupcake stores are now part of this growing community of users.

The Possibilities With WordPress

The possibilities are seemingly endless with WordPress.  It is the ability for a company, or individual to shape their own digital vision, to give life to the prospects of a bountiful future; that has driven the explosion in the growth of WordPress. With that in mind, corporations can use it to expand their branding.  Now, minute details that are stipulated in a company’s branding style guide can be put into use with WordPress. Logos, fonts, colors, pictures, language and even the URL can all be extensions of a company’s brand.

Builds and Reinforces Branding

WordPress has made it easier than ever to convey who a company is through their branding. A quick trip through the top websites that use it is a virtual parade of vibrant colors, unique fonts, riveting photographs, compelling “about us” pages and emotion evoking product descriptions.  The branding aspect alone makes it is clear why major corporations are turning to it.  With the right customization the website can be an extension of Social Media, reinforcing the branding from a Twitter or Instagram account.

Large Corporations and Small Businesses Benefit

The advantage of WordPress with branding is not just for multinational conglomerates or tech giants. Small business owners can use a variety of templates that fit the image they wish to show the world.  The cupcake store can find a colorful template that matches the colors and styles of their cupcakes.  Versatility among large and small companies is another reason for the unbridled growth.

WordPress ECommerce Plugin

WordPress allows for ecommerce.  Ease of use and customizability are the main draws. Not only can a company set up an online shop with it, they can use it for branding as well.  A free ecommerce plugin known as WooCommerce is being used by all types of companies.  The reasons to use WooCommerce are as numerous as they are compelling. Here are a few of the features.

  • It is free to get and free to use. No monthly fees or charges for newer versions.
  • It is infinitely customizable, which fits perfectly with the aforementioned company branding.
  • WooCommerce is easy to install and easy to use. There is no need for an IT employee to install it.
  • You can sell unlimited products or services and list their features.
  • It allows customers to rate products and services.

WordPress is likely to dominate website development for at least the next decade with its simple controls and do it yourself sensibilities.

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